Accurately capture thoughts & ideas.

Ahoy is a 10x faster way to capture anything you have to say and eliminates 99% of the post-production.

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Voice compose your email by voice -- 10x faster & works atop Gmail

Compose full sentences hands-free and eyes-averted with Ahoy.

Make your voice a productivity tool. Compose readable sentences with an AI voice composer that combines spelling, punctuation, capitalization and understands syntax. Ahoy works atop your existing Gmail address so it gets to recipients from you.

It's the safer, smarter way to email when driving, or working on-the-go.

Works as a standalone app, as well as a keyboard.

Use Ahoy to capture and compose anything. Ahoy also makes it fast and easy to use voice to message the people you know from inside your existing apps.

Get live with buddies, too.

Ahoy makes it fast and easy to talk to people you know, when you have a spare moment to connect live.

Drop in for a voice chat with buddies, partners, and contacts. Or, go live instantly and share your status with them.

Voicing is the faster way to create. Get Ahoy on iOS and Chrome now.