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Drop-in convos from your ahoy.me URL

Send your Ahoy URL to people you want to drop-in for a quick voice chat ... via SMS, email or add it into your email signature.

Try it - instantly see if Jared (co-founder of Ahoy) is available to talk live:  http://ahoy.fm/drop-in/jared (Post your URL publicly at your own risk.)
Get your Ahoy URL ...from Ahoy for Desktop
Beta release in October 2021

Enable valuable relationships to talk to you from wherever they are.

Ahoy Talk Live Platform enables instant-on voice conversations, connecting Ahoy Desktop to other Ahoy Desktop users, and also to your visitors on the Web. Let partners and buddies jump into a private room with you to talk, when you're free.

You're already in your inbox 10 hours a day... Ahoy enables instant-on voice conversations that pull conversations out of email. Buddies can jump into a shared private room to talk anytime. Perfect for having quickie, voice chats.

Having Ahoy on your desktop or laptop adds the power of voicing to your every day workflows, too.
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