Ahoy, matey!

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Follow the 3-steps below to get started.

Step 1 - Download Ahoy!

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To download Ahoy manually click here.

You need to be using a Mac to download.
Manually kickoff a download here.

Step 2 - Open Ahoy!

• First, open the Ahoy.dmg file that downloaded to your computer.
• Next, drag the Ahoy! app icon into the Applications folder.
• Finally, launch Ahoy! from the Applications folder.

Step 3 - Sign up or log in

Once in Ahoy, you'll be able to create a new account. Or, you can log into your existing account.

For Ahoy+ users, you can create a team, or join an existing team using the link provided by email.

Frequently Asked Questions

See if the below FAQ helps or let us know what questions you have! We'll do our best to explain everything you might want to know.

We're in beta. Whoo-hooo!

We're excited to admit folks into the beta and ensure everyone has a smooth onboarding experience, so are taking each person in with care.

Currently Ahoy! is just on MacOS. We’d be happy to keep you posted about the beta program and launch (your email won’t be used for anything else) if you sign up and are not on MacOS. Feel free to enter your email to join our beta.

Beta means early access. Spots are limited.

We're thrilled for you to be here, early, battle testing the product with us. We would love for you to invite in others. To ensure a simple and smooth way for you to bring in people you know, feel free to do so by sending them this link to register to get access: https://www.ahoy.fm/start

Beta means bugs 🐞

Beta means beta... there will be  unexpected bugs popping up time to time. Please let us know what issues you find. Every bug you help us squish means a smoother, better experience for the next set of users.

Beta means give us your feedback -- we are listening!

We are actively listening and reading every email that you send us. We're very interested in hearing from you on Ahoy, so feel free to jump into our rooms -- either Bill or Jared -- and find us using our email addresses. Anytime that something comes up, let us know, and let us know whatever you wish for... and ideas you have. Feedback is incredibly important part of getting Ahoy to a larger audience and making sure it works for you.

Have a Question?

We are adding answers to the FAQ here all the time. If there is an answer you cannot find, please catch us live on Ahoy or email us wferrell / jaredk @ gmail.com