Your voice command center.

Ahoy for Desktop empowers your voice on your regular daily machine. Voice compose a message anytime - send yourself notes - and talk live with buddies/partners. Drop-in for quick live convos anytime, without scheduling.
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Ahoy Desktop is currently available on Mac.

Send a quick message to any contact even quicker, with voice AI.

Use Ahoy's voice AI to compose your message, editor to tweak your message before it's sent, and include your voice (if you like) just as it was captured ...along with a link to instantly connect for a live voice chat.

Now, you have a private virtual room for drop-in convos.

Skip sending that email ... instead grab a quick convo with folks that matter to you. Catch folks live, instantly. Squeeze in conversations without scheduling.

Download Ahoy's desktop platform so your email recipients, buddies and partners can catch you for a quickie voice chat from your Ahoy URL. Just talk live.

Thinking & speaking are your superpowers... Use them to their fullest with Ahoy's Command Center.

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Beta release coming in October 2021

Voicing is the faster way to create. Get Ahoy on iOS and Chrome now.