Securely connect your Google Calendar to Ahoy

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Securely connect your Google Calendar to Ahoy

"Ahoy, take me to my next meeting"

Ready to connect Google Calendar and Ahoy!? Then you can use the Ahoy command “Next meeting!” — that instantly opens up Zoom and takes you to the next Zoom Meeting posted on your calendar.

Add in your Google Calendar info in Preferences

Ahoy connects to your Google Calendar the same way that Apple Calendar does. You just need to point the Ahoy application on your computer to your Google Calendar data at a URL provided to you by Google. We will show you where to find it!

You can obtain the URL Ahoy needs in your Google Calendar Settings. We've made a video walk-through (90 seconds) for you to watch, walking through each of the steps one by one!

Here are the steps for you to take:

To Connect your Calendar to Ahoy:
  1. Open Ahoy and head to Preferences
  2. Select the Calendar Preference, you will be setting the ICS URL where it says “Set Google Calendar ICS"
  3. Open a web browser and navigate to https://calendar.google.com
  4. On the left hand side,  under “My Calendars”, select “Settings and Sharing” for the calendar you want to connect.
  5. Copy the “Secret address in iCal format” this is the URL you want.
  6. Paste the URL into Ahoy Preferences, where it says “Set Google Calendar ICS”
  7. All set!

After you've connected Ahoy to Google Calendar properly, Ahoy will automatically stay up to date with your meetings and be ready to instantly connect you, at your command!

Handling your data securely:

With your security as in mind, we have you link just the local Ahoy app already on your desktop to what is called your Google Calendar ICS URL. Your Google Calendar ICS URL contains the key information for your upcoming calendar events. The Ahoy application on your computer looks on your calendar for how to connect you to your next Zoom Meeting using your calendar's URL. By working locally, on your machine, neither Ahoy as a company nor do our servers have access to your calendar data ever. Google describes the Secret URL on their support website here: https://support.google.com/calendar/answer/37648?hl=en saying "The Secret address lets you view your calendar in other applications, like Outlook or Apple Calendar."

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