AI for on-the-go communicators.

Compose email by voice while driving, safely, and smartly from anywhere else.

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Voice compose inside Gmail on the Web

Share your thoughts as fast and easily as speaking. Use Ahoy to automatically type email messages by voice.

It's 10x faster than using a keyboard, works atop Gmail & does the job better than an AI assistant. And, a basic account is 100% FREE, forever.

Async & live, better together.

Compose readable sentences with an AI voice composer that combines spelling, punctuation, capitalization and understands syntax. Ahoy works atop your existing Gmail address so it gets to recipients from you.

Plus, when talking live is faster than sending an email reply message, Ahoy helps people instantly connect with crisp live voice chat. Use Ahoy to keep in touch with buddies, partners & dealmakers.

Hop into your buddy's live room to instantly connect ...or invite someone to yours. Voice chat live, with buddies that you talk to regularly... instead of emailing them 😉

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Yes, really 100% FREE.