Put your words into action, 100x faster.

Upgrade your messaging, drafting, note-taking, texting, reminders game.

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Voice compose inside Gmail on the Web

Capture your thoughts and ideas (and compose messages, replies & drafts) in perfectly readable sentences as fast and easily as you can speak.

It's 100x more accurate than standard voice AI, 10x faster than using a standard keyboard, and works inside your existing email apps to compose messages. Plus, Ahoy is basically FREE, forever.

Ahoy's workflows boost your output 100x.

Capture anything instantly, by speaking.

Capture any thought or idea for yourself or your partners, by speaking. Ahoy captures your audio and transcribes your words into clear sentences, packaged together, and ready to send or share.

Compose messages, by speaking.

Powerful ready-to-use AI for messaging makes every message you compose with Ahoy 10x faster than typing it on any screen-based keyboard.

Reply to email or do a 1st draft, by speaking.

Ahoy seamlessly integrates with your existing email account so you can reply to messages from your inbox, compose new messages or quickly draft something by voice, and send it when you're ready.

It's as easy as emoji.

Switch on Ahoy inside any existing app - meet the first integrated, seamless "voice keyboard."

You can compose messages inside Apple Mail, Gmail, Outlook (or any other messaging program) in 1-tap.

Ahoy auto-corrects spelling, punctuation, capitalization and understands sentence syntax. Your words show up in perfectly punctuated sentences. Be smart and safe working on-the-go - switch to using a Voice Keyboard to avoid accidents-while-texting.

Ahoy for MacOS, in beta.
Review drafts, then send.