What to do when your dating someone you don t like

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What to do if your dating someone you don't like

When we are dating someone about whom we just feel so-so, we are still sorting through our ambivalence.

What to do when you're dating someone you don't like

Once we get a sense of what is possible in a deep and long-term connection, this sort of wishy-washy approach to dating goes away, he says.

What to do when your dating someone you don't like

If you notice that hes really into you and youre still just lukewarm, that youre starting to resent him, or that hes suddenly annoying the crap out of you, its time to break it off.

It might come to you with time (or you might find your feelings for him grow).

, klow points out that if youre a serial mehdater, its probably a good idea to wait for someone that you're actually excited about.

Points out that, as long as youre not making the guy think that things are more serious than they actually are, having someone to hang out with on a saturday night can also be fun.