Real world skeletons tony and madison still together

The "challenge" competitor shared the same heartwarming image and added, "in a world of uncertainty, our love for you will always stand true.

A series of snapchats featuring madison in labor, tony was first to hint that his little lady had arrived with the simple but telling tweet "6lbs 15oz.

Real world skeletons tony and madison are they still together

Real World: Go Big or Go Home | 'Love in the Real World' Special Sneak Peek | MTV

Catch up with your favorite Real World lovers like Madison and Tony in a special episode airing Thursday, April 7th at 11/10c.

Soon after tony returned from the turkey-based installment, the pair learned that they were expecting a baby.

"real world: skeletons" duo madison and tony -- who first met during their windy city mtv tenure last year and then revealed in august that they would be parents -- joyfully welcomed a healthy daughter on tuesday.

Real world skeletons tony and madison still together

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Madison opens up about what it felt like to rekindle relationships. Subscribe to MTV: Seven strangers move ...

Showed me not to be scared of someone who loves you, madison channing walls says in this sneak peak of mtvs upcoming special, love in the real world.

Madison is still so hurt by what tony did, she can barely talk about it without crying, and tony is still acting like an idiot.

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Your special congratulations for tony and madison in the comments -- and for a throwback, relive the day these future parents met in chicago during their "real world" season:Real world: skeletons.

.shes definitely my girl, tony raines says, unable to wipe the huge smile on his face.

Real World Skeletons' Tony Raines Sounds Off on Ex Madison Channing Walls Dating Javi Marroquin

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"i have calmed down a lot since the show and learned by watching myself that i needed to take it down a notch, but don't get me wrong, i still don't tire!

In case you had any doubts, madison, who shared the story of a previous drug addiction while on the show, is still as clean as a whistle.

Real World: Skeletons' Tony Raines Sounds Off on Ex Madison Channing Walls Dating Javi Marroquin

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Madison's sobriety is rubbing off on tony too -- after an infamous "real world" scene that found him stealing a bottle of wine from a bar and then getting the boot, he insisted he's cutting back on the partying.

Tonymade the dumb decision to hook up with christina leblanc while competing on the challenge last season, which ultimately ended the mtv stars relationship.

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Madison, an ex-addict, must face her mistakes. Don't miss a new episode of 'Real World: Skeletons' on Tuesday at 10/9c.

, on the other hand, was thrilled for the opportunity to have some time away from familiar faces in the "real world" house and is grateful for the chance to have stood on her own two feet.

New parents -- along with a bunch of familiar mtv faces who had romantic connections with their fellow roommates -- will be featured in an upcoming special love in the real world on thursday (that's tomorrow!

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