My ex is dating someone else what should i do

Apart from whats recently happened, we both agreed we were happy and he even text to say im pleased to have spent them years with you, we had good times.

After a month of no contact from her (my gf), what should i do about it?

When you contact him after nc is over, both of you will hopefully be a lot clear on what you want in life and you can discuss it before getting back together.

What strikes me is that 5 months later their engagement fell through and he tried to reconnect with me.

Even though its making me nuts i havent contacted him to ask if hes seeing someone else.

Im no psychologist but after coming out of a long term relationship and hurtful breakup with someone with npd, he seems to show a lot of the traits.

I could tell by her voice she was telling the truth so i now go back in no contact to see what is going to happen.

I dont think you should hold it against him the way he handled the breakup and what he did after the breakup.

You taught me alot and i have taken in alot from what you have said over the past few years.

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My ex is dating someone else what should I do?

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She looks kind of similar to me, have the same similar personality, and they have been doing the same things that what we did.

Your ex started dating someone else within a week of breaking up, then its more likely to be a rebound.

We did still see each other on and of till about 4 months ago, until then he was just dating girls but nothing serious.

What i am trying to say is that no matter what happens, your course of action right now should be the same, i.

But i am done now this is a degree of disrespect i couldnt even imagine and who knows what else i dont know yet.

Fix: the cool thing about this is that since you dont know what theyre feeling, you get to decide.

Which is also contradictory because one of the issues with me was i didnt know what i wanted in life.

Someone who will care about you and treat you the way you deserve to be treated.

He maintained he loves me and misses me but needs to work on himself the and see whats best for his future.

My ex is dating someone else what should i do

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Point i am trying to get to is after reading all these articles and comments and what not i still do not feel that there is any chance i can get her back not even with all the advise here, and especially since i feel that maybe she has been with this guy longer then i know about which makes me sick and really anger.

My love for him changedi think i still love him and i wish he could admit what he did, or at least say he is sorry but he doesnt think he is doing anything wrong.

Unlike the past few weeks, he didnt avoid me as i was going to where he was (since that was the only way i should take to go home) thats why he was able to look at me as i was talking on the phone.

I think you should stop talking for a while and let him continue with his girlfriend.

I started doin the no contact but it was short it was about 2 and a half weeks because she asked me to see her for our b- day and btw we had a very good time and she loved the gifts i got for her, after that we saw each other two more times later on in that week but idk if her relationship is a rebound because she liked this guy before we met and another thing is she said hes a nice guy and always makes her laugh she loves him now i dont know what to do i really want to have her back and i am changing for the better cause she means so much to me.

Could you please advise what should i do next in order to get him back?

Of course, you should give her the time and space she needs to get over her ex and you will both need to start a new relationship that will not be a rebound.

I did the whole nc thing awhile ago when it first happen so i could leave her be happy with whoever and doing whatever.

So we started dating for another 3 to 4 months again and now she broke up with me again a week ago.

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He told me he lied and just said it cause he was hurt but i didny know what to believe since he has had a cheating past.

I usually recommend people to give themselves a time limit, in most cases, 2-3 months, if things dont work out by then, you should just move on.

But you really should do nc for at least a couple of months and learn to be happy without him.

You should leave her be for another one month and then contact her using one of the methods in the 5 step plan.

Whatever her reasons for not being with you right now is her business and not yours.

I go i sit what ever i see he is in my mind what happened to him?

He called me by the pet name when we were friends, rather than when we were dating.

We said we should take a break to miss each other for some time, we missed each other soo much after 3 days, but we said that we cant do this for next month, so we broke up saying we should stay only best friends.

Missing someone is a huge part of the grief one goes through after a breakup.

Your Ex Is Dating Someone Else? Here's What to Do

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And after they breakup with you, they start a relationship with someone who has no career and no life goals whatsoever.

Intimately close to someone gives us a feeling of security and a boost to our self-esteem.

Even months down the road she would hit me randomly saying she misses me a lot and thinks of me a lot and misses us and what we had.

Let him know if he is not willing to give you what you want and what you deserve, you must leave him.

From moving the rebound relationship too fast, another common behavior that rebound relationships have is choosing someone theyd not go for normally.

Even if he ignores it, its probably because he needs more space and time and you should give it to him instead of forcing the friendship on him.

Also have to take care more of myself because honestly i was so and still devastated of what happened.

Then just over 3 months ago he met this 19 year old girl ( hes 27) and has been seeing her exclusive for 3 months they even did a 2 week trip to new zealand together my question is should i be worried that this relationship is serious?

I asked her what she wanted and she said she didnt know, that i had no idea what was going on inside her.

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2 weeks ago, i found out he is dating somebody else because of their pictures together on fb(gf tagged him).

The following day i receive an email from her explaining she didnt feel comfortable talking about it in person, but a month after she broke up with me she started seeing someone and they were going to marry in the fall.

But it looks like he might be seeing someone (hes know her his whole life, they breifly dated when they were 13 and have mutual friends and work near eachother) im now questioning his reasons for the break up and if he actually rekindled with her or they started to talk after the break up.

About maybe 3 or 4 months ago she text me randomly saying she misses what we had but i found out a month ago that she is engaged and now she is married and i never knew about it only cause i saw her facebook saying she was engaged and now it says married.

I did some of the no nosima human being who had his emotions seriously messed withi have since cut all tiesgoing nc as they seem to be more serious and have been dating a few months now.

And i am just wondering if i should tell him how i feel about him still or would it make it worst?

I ask what his name was just cause i was curious and she wont tell me anything and is very secretive about it.

He said he was supposed to see someone but he put that off to give me a first chance.

Its been about a month and i pretty sure they are dating i havent asked cause i am sure he wouldnt want to tell me.

How to Get Your Ex Back When She Is Dating Someone Else

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Also would contacting her in any way on what would have been our anniversary be wrong?

You decide to pursue him, you should be prepared to handle his hot and cold behavior and not react to it.

Also says if your thinking of our ex at anytime its not important that you should not do it just learn to move on cause its not worth it to think or feel like you want them.

They do everything a couple would do together but she just keeps saying she isnt dating.

Or not you should try again is for you to decide during the no contact period.

I told him even though he said he said we shouldnt talk anymore that i still care about him and will always have an open ear if he needs someone to listen.

I know shes seeing someone but her usual mo is to show her enthusiasm with the person shes with all over social media.

I know youve invested 4 years but you should be glad that you eventually found out about this and now you can leave him behind and try to move on.

However, he said if you were in love then i should have never let it go.

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