How to tell your friends you re dating a changeling fimfiction

Klingon promotion: in order to become queen of the hive, the challenger changeling must depose and consume the reigning queen in single-combat.

Everyone has standards: as in the life and times of a winning pony, cloud kicker has lines she won't cross, as does her former changeling double.

Celestia has dealt with twilight's existential crises in a less literal sense before:twilight: princess, can you tell if im real?

An experimental spell blew up in her face, an army of changelings is attacking canterlot, and she just died.

Too much information: twilight's reaction when cloudy starts explaining falsely why her former changeling double has been named kicky.

How to tell your friends you're dating a changeling

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Earn your happy ending: twilight succeeds in saving the world, marries azalea, starts a family, and ascends to become a princess.

, an alternate universe re-imagining of the story called hard reset 2: reset harder, written by horizon with eakin's blessing, also exists (but has stopped updating).

Twilight comes to believe that she's been approaching the situation incorrectly and that she's meant to bring about peace between ponies and changelings after the honest fun and good time she had with chrysalis in the "tea party loop".

After the event, the ponified-changelings are revealed to have been basically oppressed by the queen, according to the changeling butterscotch, which if it's true, means the only one that was always chaotic evil was chrysalis.

Fallen hero: the antagonist, changeling queen twilight false utopia: the antagonist has created one of these in her timeline to delude herself into believing that everything turned out fine after all.

How to tell your friends you're dating a changeling fimfiction

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When twilight tells them about algae bloom and her attempt to get her liquored up, cloudy promises to have a frank discussion with her about respect and consent.

The character previously known as changeling twilight has existed for trillions of subjective years, and learned the value of forgiveness.

Kicking ass in all her finery: in at least one loop, twilight goes on a changeling killing spree after having stolen from many shops, ranging from slinky dresses to expensive earrings.

Bad date: twilight, after a minor argument with one mare, ends up in retaliation dating another.

After looping enough times to predict exactly how a changeling will react in battle and gaining enough battle experience, she's the one dealing them instead.

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And then john was a zombie: in the canon ending, the elements of harmony transform almost every changeling into a true pony permanently.

Bug war: a huge changeling invasion that will almost certainly succeed in taking over canterlot.

Driven to suicide: twilight, in the loop where she first discovers her friends will die if she doesn't prevent it, followed by luna being killed in an ambush.

Screw yourself: a pony named cloud kicker all-but states to have done this with a changeling that was permanently transformed into a real version of herself due to the elements of harmony.

For her part, cloud seems to realise that the changelings were too under chrysalis's control to be held responsible for it, but she's still pretty pissed when she realises that a changeling almost destroyed her friendship with blossomforth in this way - and that said changeling was kicky.

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Now we have to wonder about jam, ferrets, quiches, and how luna will keep herself from telling twilight about this.

Trust password: when celestia hears that twilight is a fellow time looper, she tells twilight a password to unlock secret knowledge in celestia's brain.

In the alternate ending, twilight willingly becomes a changeling in order to take over the hive.

" and i must scream: subjected to total sensory deprivation for several days, pinkie destroyed her vocal chords trying to produce audible sound axe-crazy batman gambit: several, to make her friends to destroy their elements berserk button: queen twilight is not a monster and she is loved break the cutie: queen twilight breaks her friends to make them destroy the elements break the badass: queen twilight's 'wife', luna darker and edgier: while a lot of the darker parts are implied or occur off page elsewhere in the trilogy, this story is not shy about showing what kind of horrors went down under queen twilight's rule despair event horizon desperately craves affection emotion eater face full of alien wing-wong: queen twilight and luna's 'child' fate worse than death: several hallucinations hair-trigger temper i reject your reality jumping off the slippery slope kick the son of a bitch: chrysalis is not treated well love hungry mask of sanity mind rape rage against the reflection sadistic choice: queen twilight pretends to offer several to her friends as part of her gambit for destroying the elements sanity slippage shapeshifter default form: queen twilight finds her unicorn form harder to maintain over time stepford smiler the mirror shows your true self through the eyes of madness totalitarian utilitarian: queen twilight initially tries to run canterlot for the benefit of changelings and ponies yanderechanging lives provides examples of the following: bed trick: revealed to be standard operating procedure for hungry changeling drones - kicky and scootaloo bluntly admit to having slept with cloud kicker while disguised, and/or sleeping with other ponies while impersonating her.

Duct tape for everything: during at least one killing spree, twilight binds a changeling with duct tape before casually going over to it and smashing its brains in with home run.

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I just wanted you to know so that if some other mare in the future thinks its clever to tell you that youre pond scum because youve treated her the way youre treating me, its not as much of an insult as you think.

She puts these to good use to reduce a hallway and a large squad of changelings to a mess of molten rock and agonizing stragglers.

Friends with benefits: luna offers this to twilight after inadvertently learning about their liaison in a previous loop.

Chainsaw good: used in at least one loop for the sole purpose of beating her previous record of changeling kills.

Azalea reveals that most if not all of the changelings went through this after being transformed into ponies, and many of them were driven to suicide.


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This is also invariably the result of any encounter between changelings and an alicorn unless they ambush her in the hundreds.

: in one loop, twilight goes straight up to chrysalis and bluntly tells her she knows what's going on and that she has no intention to do anything about it.

" because twilight is still affected by changeling venom, she is forced to tell the whole horrifying story, up to and including her alternate self becoming the changeling queen, until azalea finally interrupts.

Exact words: after twilight returns from her journey to the alternate universe, she tells a white lie to azalea that it wasn't so bad.

In an early loop while engaged in a beam-o-war with celestia, chrysalis (as celestia) convinces twilight she's the real one by telling her to attack them both, knowing twilight would believe this is something only the real celestia would say.

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