How long has justin bieber and selena gomez been together

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Has described bieber, who met the pastor with his mum, pattie, as "pretty sensational" and "serious about his faith.

Justin and selena's date could have been innocent, two exes meeting up to ride on segways-type-thing, some people think this means that the on-off couple are, well, back on again.

Some digging from some of selena's fans, the identity of the mystery hot guy was revealed: meet model christopher mason.

2013: it's still unclear whether these two officially reconciled during that time, but while promoting his new single "heartbreaker," justin posted a photo of him and selena on instagram, captioning it simply, "#heartbreaker.

" the situation further escalated when fans noticed that selena had commented on the photo, saying, "if you can't handle the hate then stop posting pictures of your girlfriend lol.

We've written about it at length on this very page - and now it sounds like selena's been talking about their relationship (or one that was very similar) in her new music video.

Selena previously said: "i would try to promote something that i loved, and the entire interview would be about my personal life.

Goes without saying that justin bieber and selena gomez have had their fair share of ups and downs.

How long have justin bieber and selena gomez been together

How Does Justin Bieber Feel About Selena Gomez Dating The Weeknd?

Ever since the world found out that Selena Gomez and The Weeknd were dating, the internet just hasn't been able to contain itself ...

Meanwhile, justin and selena's relationship continued to heat up as they kicked off the month with a series of romantic dates, including a basketball game, where the two shared an "awkward" kiss for the cameras.

Things took a turn for the worst when selena accused justin of cheating on her when they were together, and justin insinuated she did the same with zayn malik.

November 2015, jb stopped by ellen, and while discussing his upcoming album purpose, he revealed which songs were inspired by selenathanks for the intel, biebs!

About the cute serenading moment, a source told people magazine: ''justin was in a great mood and serenaded her.

To top it all off, justin even called selena "amazing" backstage after taking home multiple awards.

" when asked if he's heard revival, justin offers this: "i know i had a lot of play in that one.

Bieber and richie both took to instagram recently to post photos of their time in japan.

Week was 'bieber week' on the ellen degeneres show, and chat turned to selena gomez.

Website are also reporting that justin is planning to put a ring on it - he even wants to splash million on a ring!

How long has justin bieber and selena gomez been together

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber 2009 - 2016 ( all jelena story )

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An official cover has yet to be released; however, suspicions that its coming soon have been heightened as dj snake posted a longer version of gomezs cover on his snapchat.

Imagesaccording to reports, selena doesn't appreciate jb's recent antics - getting into a fight with the actor orlando bloom, posing for flirty pictures with her mate kendall, and hooking up with playboy model alyssa arce - but friends say she isn't affected by them either, as she is completely over their breakup.

The month wraps, justin is spotted serenading selena with "my girl" at a hotel bar in beverly hills:February 2016: in an interview with gq, justin says selena was the only one "bad" breakup in his life and that she inspired "a lot" of the tracks on purpose.

Bieber and selena gomez have been spotted out together, people - and they're riding segways!

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Girlfriend selena then called justin out with a comment on his post, saying if he can't "handle the hate" then he should stop posting photos of his new girlfriend.

"november 2015: leading up to the release of purpose, justin appears on the ellen degeneres show and confirms that three songs, "what do you mean?

Be fair it's always complicated with these two, but selena has gone on a mass celeb unfollowing spree before - and last time, it was a kind of friend cleanse, too.

In the video itself, selena is at a party beside a man who ignores her and hangs out with his friends.

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2011: selena cohosted the mtv vmas preshow, and after wrapping up her interview with justin, the "baby" singer leaned in and planted a kiss on selena's cheek for the entire world to see.

2011: justin is named in a paternity suit by non-famous person mariah yeater (it's later dropped).

2015: months after her relationship with zedd fizzled out, selena was spotted out yet again with justin.

2015: selena and zedd are romantically linked but selena is later seen grabbing dinner with justin at mastros in l.

, all of us at glamour hq couldn't stop speculating about whether selena gomez's new tune, the heart wants what it wants, with its emotional beginning, was about her on-off boyfriend justin bieber.

It didn't stop there, as justin hit back with an indirect comment suggesting selena used him for attention.

"now of course this could just be an inspiring quote from the religious young singer (she went on bible study dates with justin) - but of course some people have read into the tweet as linking to justin.

We know he's being melodramatic, but is it a coincidence that he posted these following the news that selena may be dating someone else?

The beginning of the song, selena is heard crying: "when i was on stage and i was thinking of .

Whole row started when justin gave fans a stern warning to stop making mean comments about new girlfriend sofia richie on instagram.

2014: justin and selena appear in several videos in which they appear to be dirty dancing (yes).

The gorgeous singer, who once dated justin bieber, has put any 'will they get back together' rumours to bed by ripping up a 'marry justin' poster during her concert.

Imagesthe 23-year-old told the new york times "while people were writing that i was stupid for being in [the relationship], this is what i always saw in him," about justin's recent comeback.

The pair's argument turned to claims about cheating, where selena accused the singer of being unfaithful.

Before one of his shows, the "as long as you love me" singer addressed the breakup, saying, "i don't know what to say.

2012: justin's manager, scooter braun, put an end to rumors that the pair was engaged, telling us weekly that the claims were "complete bullsh*t" and that his team was "laughing" when they heard them.

!Getty imagesthe sorry singer sent his fans into a frenzy when he posted an old pda-filled photo of him and his ex, selena gomez, on instagram.

All love," shots were fired by selena who went on to accuse him of cheating on her "multiple times".

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Still Dating!

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2012: after nearly two years of dating, reports surfaced that selena and justin called it quits.

Pair were snapped in calabasas, california (where justin lives), and the guy who took the cheeky picture didn't seem like a fan of the biebs.

2014: it wasn't until his legal deposition that justin finally confirmed that he and selena were back on, telling the court, "we're dating.

2011: during an appearance on the ellen degeneres show, selena played coy when asked about her relationship status with justin, saying, "i don't know.

"lastly, selena was questioned about whether she likes justin's new peroxide blonde 'do, but she refused to answer, saying, "that's for him.

Sounds like things aren't rosy between justin bieber and selena gomez - because, shock horror, she has unfollowed him on instagram, and posted some cryptic tweets that might suggest they aren't all loved up.

2014: selena released her new single "the heart wants what it wants" and confirmed it was about justin to ryan seacrest, telling him, "he thought it was beautiful.

Yet more hints have been dropped that justin bieber and selena gomez are back on - we're almost bored of it by this point.

The month wraps, selena attends a #weday event with orlando bloom, seth rogen, and others.

Exclusive: See Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber in Jail Together

Justin Bieber made a brief cameo in jail with Selena Gomez behind bars in what is an exclusive clip from the movie, Behaving ...

Justin apologizes for making a racist joke on video and it's reported that selena is by his side during this time.

Justin wrote "it's funny to see people that used me for attention and still try to point the finger this way.

Bieber and selena gomez have ignited rumours they may rekindle their romance after jb was spotted serenading his 23-year-old ex-girlfriend at a bar on friday.

She says justin has also seen the video for the song and that it was "really hard" for him.

2014: after rumors swirled that justin had moved on from selena with hailey baldwin, he took to instagram to shut them down, writing, "people are crazy.

" their rumored reconciliation then took a turn for the worst when justin was arrested in miami beach, fl, for suspicion of dui and drag racing a rented yellow lamborghini in a residential neighborhood, according to the miami beach police department.

, just when we thought the dust had settled between jelena, this clip surfaced of gomez singing dj snakes let me love you, which features the biebs on vocals.

I think we can all agree that its a little odd of selena to chose to cover her exs song after feuding over his new boo sofia.

But it wasnt until january 2011 that the pop stars confirmed their romance, namely by partaking in major pda while on vacation together in st.

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