How do you know you re dating your best friend

You can both witness something strange, look at them, and know exactly what theyre thinking.

When theyre nervous about their upcoming job interview or exam, you have just as many butterflies in your stomach as they do.

While you'll want to spend the whole day together, there are other people in your life who need your lovin' too, like family and the rest of your buddies.

Now you can do the things you've always done as friends and things people do as more than friends.

Truth hurts, but you know you can always count on them to be honest with you when something needs to be said.

How you know you're dating your best friend

When You Date Your Best Friend

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But it's nice to know that if you did start dating your best friend, they'll just slide right into family gatherings and skip right past the awkward "meet my family" stage.

You finish each others sentences, and you know exactly what the other person is thinking or feeling.

When youre out shopping, she points out all of the things your best friend would like.

We may fight sometimes but we really see the problem in a bigger picture, its not worth it to lose your relationship over a stupid fight, although we have been that way in the past.

Wouldnt be such a shocker, but i am dating my best friend and it is awesome.

How do you know you're dating your best friend

Being In Love With Your Best Friend

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Youve confided and vented to each other about various different concerns, as best friends do.

#9 you share their enthusiasm and disappointment for their successes and failures as if they were your own.

Your best friend might just be the person youre meant to have that bright, happy future with!

First thing I thought when I realized I was falling in love with my best friend was, Sh*t.

Those closest to you regularly ask when both of you are getting together, and youre constantly having to convince them that you are just good friends.

Is Your Best Friend Your Soulmate?

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Or not you have already thought of them in a romantic way, it is worth considering whether there is more to your relationship than you originally thought.

Sure, its fun to go out and do things, but youre more than happy to do nothing together.

And you'll feel totally comfortable stuffing your face in front of each other, just like you always have.

If all goes wrong and things end badly, there's the chance you'll lose someone who's a very important part of your life.

Youre willing to do things you know the other person likes, even if youre not keen on them yourself.

When You’re In Love With Your Best Friend

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Message:Youre best friends is one of the rare people who know every part of you and still sticks with you and thats why she is the perfect candidate to be your wife.

Your phone starts ringing, your mom tells you to tell *insert bffs name here* i say 'hi'.

You even boast about their achievements and share their amusing anecdotes with the same enthusiasm as if they were your own.

.Even if you're a perpetually single collegiette, with your bff by your side, you're really not.

If you've ended serious relationships because you refused to give up your best friend in any capacity, that says a lot.

Dating Your Best Friend!

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Lets face it, youre more physical with your best friend than any average couple of bffs.

. you've thought about dating them before, then they thought of dating you, but things never lined up right.

We have so much trust with each other that i let him sleep with his girl best friend and he let me sleep with my boy best friend just as long as we have other friends with us.

The person you like finally texts you, you text your best friend about it before you respond to your crush.

Youre on a first-name basis with their parents, their mother invites you to sunday lunch, and youre expected to attend big family gatherings.

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Can You Date Your Best Friend?

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Because youve always just been friends, doesnt mean you must cross them off the list of potential romantic partners.

If you just went out with whoever your mom approved of, you'd be married to her old sorority sister's kid.

You provide them with a live commentary as you spend your evening on webmd diagnosing yourself with a terminal disease.

And that someone might just be your best friend, the person who has been there all along.

Don't need to bother trying to read your own best friend's mind because you already know what he or she is about to say.

"Are They Finally Dating?"

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